About our school

Our mission: To create an inclusive, connected community.

Our motto: Building the minds of tomorrow.

Our vision: Together, we embrace diversity and empower our students by building inquiring minds.

Our values: Courage, Compassion and Responsibility

Courage: at Wellard Village Primary School we aim to build student’s courage and to teach them the skill set to be resilient and to persevere. This is a strong value for our students as it encourages children to act with bravery, to have the strength to say 'yes you can' when things are challenging, to be resilient and bounce back, for students to believe in themselves, to positively speak up/out, to try new things and ask for help when they need it.

Compassion: at Wellard Village Primary School we aim to create compassionate individuals. We want our children to show compassion for others, as to have true compassion, empathy and acceptance, will enable our students to be part of an inclusive community. We want our children to help others, think about other people's perspectives and include others in their play and learning.

Responsibility: at Wellard Village Primary School we want to ensure we foster our children to be responsible in all aspects of their life. We will educate students to demonstrate responsible behaviour, be socially responsible as well as being environmentally mindful. To ensure every child reaches their potential we will also create accountable learners who take responsibility for achieving their goals and building on their success.

About our amazing artworks: She sells seashells, busy bees and nesting.