Our Logo

The Wellard Village Primary School logo was born to incorporate the culture surrounding our community. The hexagons within the design are united to reflect our mission to create a connected and inclusive space for learning.

The architecture of our hexagons acts like that of a beehive, where all the bees work together to ensure the success of all. The integrated pattern of the hexagons shows a collaborative approach of our staff who will work together for all students at Wellard Village Primary School.

The differing shades of colour seen in the hexagons reflect the many layers of diversity in our school; culturally, linguistically, and academically. To ensure our brand stands the test of time, we have drawn inspiration from the “Busy Bees” artwork installation that will be a focal point within our school.

The single marigold hexagon breaking away from the group represents a child who has grown and become independent with the courage and confidence to move away from the group and on to the next step in their educational journey. It demonstrates how all our students will thrive, learn, and grow as a result of the nurtured, encouraging environment, and the education provided at Wellard Village Primary School.

Deeper in the logo we have the overlapping and connected initials of our name which recognises the influence we have on each other. The interwoven W and V alludes to our vision of being a united community forged from powerful relationships. The letters slice through the hexagons and break out of the beehive stamping our children’s emerging futures and our motto “building the minds of tomorrow”.