School Development Days

The WVPS School Board, have approved the following School Development Days. Children do not attend on these days. 


Term 1: Monday the 29th of January

Term 1: Tuesday the 30th of January

Term 1: Wednesday the 27th of March 

Term 1: Thursday the 28th of March

Term 3: Friday the 23rd of August

Term 4: Friday the 15th of December

Please note, our school has gained the approval for a half day (pm) closure on the 8th of May and the 27th of November to conduct parent/carer, teacher and student interviews. 


Term 1: Monday the 3rd of February 

Term 1: Tuesday the 4th of February 

Term 4: Friday the 18th of December 

The other three non-mandatory days are to be determined with the school board.