Our Teams

At Wellard Village Primary School, we have 4 teams:





Our team names are part of our strategy to embed Noongar language into our school. These names have meaning to our school as we are connecting to our local environment.

  • Wardarn (Ocean) Blue- this team is named in reference to Kwinana Beach and our “she sells seashells artwork”.
  • Marlak (Bush) Red- this team is named in reference to the bush area at the back of our school.
  • Binjar (Swamp) Green- this team is named in reference to the Leda Swamp in our local intake area.
  • Djarlma (Forest) Purple- this team is named this was chosen in reference to the Tuart Forest our school site is on.

Being part of a team provides students with the opportunity to engage with other students across year levels to participate in sporting events, reward systems and whole school events and competitions. Our school community promotes team spirit, participation, communication and cooperation through our teams and supports our values of courage, compassion and responsibility. 

Team shirts can be purchased as part of our uniform. Students will be able to wear team shirts on designated days (E.g., Fitness Friday), athletics events, any other events where they are representing their team and for team rewards.